Body burden

The 21st century living is showing some interesting developments – have we being too creative and are about to pay the price for being so? Has our temporary applications taken permanent abode within us thus changing who we are? Time will tell but the results at present is indicating us to take note of and take real due care. The answer lies not in purging ourselves with the unwanted but more so with purging our heads from the imbalanced smartness that we appear to demonstrate.

We walk into a supermarket and avail ourselves many a product which contains a multitude of chemicals to realize some specific property. Sometimes we gladly embraced bottles filled with chemicals because the aroma that the spray gives to us is quite pleasing and titillate our senses and perhaps those who are around as well. Instead of getting rid of a negative smell we tend to mask the negative with a product purchased to give an acceptable perception.

With some analysis we may find that we actually spend more on these products than on our food. While the chemicals that we have introduced, synthesized and produced, in large numbers have resulted in some extensions to our average life span, have yielded a higher quality of life, there are indications that some of these developments may actually turn out to be not too wholesome after all.

Today we speak of having introduced more than one million chemicals and most are finding their way into commercial operations, services and products. Everyday many are coming across a wonder chemical. Check the price of a high end perfume and one may understand the power of a chemical ingredient in turning both heads and commerce around.




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